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Grandmaster Ramon Ribay

Chief Instructor, Shihan

World Martial Arts Academy USA

President and Founder

International Filipino Martial Arts Association

Judan (10th Degree Blackbelt)

Grandmaster Ribay (pronounced Ree-bay) is a highly experienced martial artist with over 50 years of training across multiple styles including Shotokan Karate, Arnis/Eskrima/Kali, and Aikido.  He is one of a few native Filipino Grandmasters of his generation actively teaching in the Midwest.  He began his study of the martial arts at age 12 in the Bikol Region of the Philippines.  One of the pioneers of spreading Filipino Martial Arts around the world, Grandmaster Ribay was dispatched by the Philippine Sports Commission to Japan, Korea, and the United States for demonstrations and cultural exchanges .  With expertise in a wide range of systems, Grandmaster Ribay has trained with many influential martial artists from around the world, including Grandmaster Remy A. Presas, the founder of Modern Arnis.  In the 1970s, Grandmaster Ribay competed successfully on four continents in national and international tournaments, including the International Karate Championships in Long Beach, CA.  As a non-commissioned officer in the National Intelligence and Security Authority, he was a tactical combat instructor for the Philippine Airforce and the Philippine National Police Academy.   In the 1980s, Grandmaster Ribay was employed by the United States Sports Academy.  He was stationed in Saudi Arabia, where he taught martial arts to the Royal Saudi Airforce, and also served as a strength and conditioning coach.  Upon completion of his duties in Saudi Arabia, Grandmaster Ribay moved to the Fox Valley Area.  He was named Instructor of the Year in 2013.  You can see vintage photos of Grandmaster Ribay on our Facebook Page! Click the link below.